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About Get Work Experience is a website designed to bring together able and diligent students with those firms offering work experience placements.
This website presents students with advice, news, a C.V. template and a host of transparent job postings to which they may apply by uploading their C.V. once and clicking on the postings offered.

We provide firms with a clear, easy-to-use service with no hidden costs. If the firm chooses to employ the student on a full-time basis, we do not charge any additional fees. In fact, we would be absolutely delighted for both parties!

The website offers employers with a range of services to suit the current economic climate, including; 

            -  hosting your placement and sending all applications directly to your firm. 
            -  administering your applications; reviewing and managing each application to ensure that your firm receives a shortlist 
               of the best applicants with all references chased. 
            -  advertise your company on this website to students and other firms to facilitate contacts and gain employees.  
            -  undertake market research to reveal up-to-date opinions on your products and services.

For more information regarding the Company and its services, please contact