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Why offer W.E. Placements?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009 2:02:29 AM

As firms face increased competition for each client, many are forced to cut fees whilst continuing to maintain the standards of care that they have built their reputations upon. Consequently, work experience trainees provide willing short-term employees to facilitate the levels of production required whilst providing the trainees themselves with critical day-to-day experience in the industry.


Trainees also provide a measuring stick upon which to evaluate the requirement for new members of staff and the impact of fresh ideas they contribute to the running and output of the firm.


In short, work experience interns enable firms to;


-         match their workforce with  

      their targets with the utmost



-         significantly reduce   

      expenditure on the labour



-         take advantage of a fresh and 

      eager workforce.


-         enhance the firms reputation 

      by providing a platform 

      through which enthusiastic 

      individuals are able to exhibit

      their skills and progress their