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A flexible workforce for hire

Wednesday, October 21, 2009 8:24:35 AM

In the current economic climate, all businesses are looking to cut down on their expenditure. The result is that firms must stream line and become as efficient as possible, whilst retaining the competiveness and innovation.  
By August 2009, the unemployment rate was 7.9%, an increase of 88,000 people of “employment age” over the quarter[1]. The result is that there is a large pool of talent available, both those individuals leaving previous employment or university, who are accessible to employers looking to fulfil their operational requirements without contributing to their operating costs.

Get Work Experience can provide you with a temporary employee, with the scope for longer term employment if required, whilst marketing your firm and its ambition. In addition, Get Work Experience can undertake the administrative process thereby negating the role undertaken by the Human Resource Department, one of the most vulnerable positions in a recession, and resulting in a short list of approved candidates.
By using a work experience temp, you are able to remain flexible in matching your employment requirements with your budget, a crucial factor in uncertain economic times. A further benefit is that you can advertise a position of an unusual length to suit your individual requirements in the assurance that it will reach candidates who are actively seeking a position. Advertising a long-term position on our website is no more costly to your firm than to that of a two-week position.
Prior to the marketing of a position, we have a brief number of questions that we would like to ask you so that we are able to understand the position on offer, your company and its corporate structure. Following that, we are able to carry out an analysis of the prospective candidates in order to ensure that both parties are signing off the same hymn sheet.

[1] Office for National Statistics (2009) ‘Labour Market; Unemployment’. Accessed via the website on the 21st October 2009.