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Interns required

Wednesday, December 15, 2010 10:54:54 AM

Interns required

As a promoter of internships and work experience placements across London and the rest of the UK, we are seeing the reliance of many British businesses, both big and small, upon our interns.

In the current economic climate, many businesses simply do not have the capital to spend on recruiting trainees. However, the last recession has taught us that the approach of making the most junior members of staff redundant, thereby offering smaller redundancy packages, leads to greater costs when the economy recovers. Further, the work that they would have been doing simply transfers to a more senior member of staff who, at a more expensive hourly-rate, will be de-motivated and less productive!

In the longer term, when the economy strengthens and a firm has no bottom layer, firms will need to pay higher fees to attract the required standard members of staff and spend further money on retraining them! Further, a company who has not been prepared to commit to their graduates in the downturn cannot expect to maintain any loyalty from their staff when the good times return!

It is clearly a difficult situation, but many of our clients believe that they have found the solution. Firms that are offering internships and work experience placements are looking to use the recession to their advantage and grow by increasing their competitiveness with a low-risk approach to recruitment whilst supporting the endless number of graduates looking for work. As one of my clients told me last week, it is a “win-win” situation!