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Flexible Graduate Recruitment - The Value to You

Tuesday, April 19, 2011 3:37:49 AM

Flexible Graduate Recruitment: The Value to You

We source talented graduates that can bring their skills to you on a flexible basis; whether that be for one month, three months or permanently. But why take on a graduate?

Inexpensive: the current average graduate salary is approximately £24,000 or just £2,000 a month; cheaper than taking on the majority of part-time temps and those with longer working histories.

Highly profitable: research showed that graduates returned £5.30 for every £1 invested in them by their third year[1].

Flexible: match your workforce with your current requirements; specify the academic and practical knowledge that you need NOW. Graduates are also aware that they need to be flexible to meet a variety of your bottom-line needs.

Shapeable: select a fresh and eager workforce and mould them to your corporate culture to strengthen their application in their tasks and enhance your firm’s reputation thereupon.

Security: by adopting a graduate recruitment programme, your firm are able to plan for the future by ensuring the existence of a knowledgable bottom layer that may immediately cover the resignation of other employees.

Skilled: all graduates interviewed will have strong communicative and analytical skills. Further, a specific degree requirement will bring an additional and up-to-date skill base; such as a proficiency of building WordPress websites or use of SAGE Software when book keeping.

Creative: by introducing a graduate’s skill base to your firm, you are also introducing an influx of new ideas and approaches honed inside and outside of the lecture hall that could lead to more immediate returns.





[1] Berry, M. (2009) ‘Graduate recruitment investment reaps return of more than 500%’. Personnel Today Article dated 29th October 2009.