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Understanding the Talent Behind the CV

Friday, July 08, 2011 9:30:59 AM

What is unique?

Quite simply, we offer a new approach to employing young talent. By sourcing work experience placements and full-time roles, many of those students that we put forward for graduate roles have been through internships sourced by us, so we not only source the talent but support students in entering the workplace for the first time, before offering our clients both the credentials on the CV and information on the talent and personality behind it.

This approach has allowed us to form trusted relationships with many Universities’ Careers Departments, which increases the scope that each position goes out to and enables us to be passed onto relevant tutors to gain a full background into the personality of the individual prior to our interviews with the candidate.

This approach of ‘going beyond the interview’ results in our clients immediately being able to engage with their new employees, thus minimising staff turnover dramatically.

How are we unique?

The process itself couldn’t be simpler because we do it all for you on a non-obligation basis from the moment that we receive your requirements and the date that you want to undertake your interview.

Therefore, for those firms who attract numbers of capable candidates, we add value by taking on board all of the time-consuming administrative responsibilities whilst responding to each application made to us to ensure that the reputation of your firm is enhanced. We will then collate all of the applications, interviewing the best applicants. Once we have interviewed them over the phone and in person, we chase the references of the successful applicants, before sending across a handful of the most superior candidates for your review.

We would not gain our understanding of applicants if the students didn’t trust us. We gain their trust by being honest about the roles, by providing a full job description and details about the client, by offering unbiased advice, by keeping them updated regardless of whether they were successful or not and by becoming a  reliable resource for them.

Why are we unique?

Because the recruitment industry needs to change! Unfortunately, the industry has gained a reputation for providing a very expensive but necessary service without providing the quality.

We react to this by:

i) Not providing our staff with commission for placing a graduate in a role. This ensures that their only motivation is to find the ‘right fit’ for that role.

ii) Providing in-depth analysis of each candidate put forward. The CV says only so much and, by taking the time to research the top applicants and their histories, we present a detailed report on the attributes, personality and drive of each submitted candidate.

iii) Placing a limit of five applicants per role that you will receive. By collating the applicants first, then assessing them, we ensure that you are presented with highly able and suitable talent and not have to work through a large pile of CVs yourselves to find the gold nugget.

The result?

An improvement to your company through the addition of a knowledgeable, talented and happy new member of staff:

I have found Get Work Experience’s support solution to be essentially valuable to my business. Lewis sourced exceptional candidates with quality CVs and this gave me immense confidence in perusing interviews with these individuals, resulting in me having the fun challenge of who to appoint! Lewis Clark's extremely calm and helpful nature helped me remain my calm during a very busy period. I am thoroughly satisfied with Get Work Experience's service and most certainly will be referring them to others.

Carol Wilson, CEO of E-Business Solutions Limited