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Too Busy to Take On Staff

Wednesday, March 27, 2013 10:35:40 AM

 One of the greatest difficulties facing Directors of SMEs is their availability to recruit. Whilst identifying your requirements is likely to be at the forefront of your mind, committing time to interview and induct the new member of staff often fills business owners with dread.

The unfortunate and on-going economic conditions clearly offer a great deal of competition for employment and business owners have a wonderful opportunity to benefit from accessing great talent. More importantly, they have the opportunity to recruit through tighter specifications.

However, committing to the recruitment process does not have to equate to sacrificing  a great deal of your time and here are our top tips for recruiting to ensure that you identify the correct candidate without repeated interviews or last minute withdrawals;

1)    Write an accurate job description; do not write to attract talent but provide an accurate reflection of the role. Don’t oversell the position but let the candidate impress. If you try to free up some of your time by using a Recruitment Consultant, request that they draft the job role for you since seeing the specification is likely to prompt further necessities that will tighten up your prerequisites.


2)    Set a task; ask suitable applicants to demonstrate their abilities through a personal presentation or submittal of work through, for example, a profile of one of your clients. This provides you with a first-hand example of their work and again reinforces their passion for your position.


3)    Don’t hide your expectations; outline to candidates what you expect them to achieve over 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and in their first year.


4)    Present a current employee; ask one of your current employees to call or meet briefly with the preferred candidate; it enables the applicant to gain a more accurate reflection of the company culture, provides an opportunity to raise more informal questions and demonstrates an investment in them. Your employee’s feedback presents an alternative to a psychometric test and is further likely to motivate them in turn as it demonstrates your faith in their judgement.


5)    Provide the applicant with time to make an informed decision; do not request an immediate response. Although lengthening the recruitment process, it ensures that the candidate has assessed your position in-depth and is committed to the role.


6)    Request a reference; call submitted referees to gain an accurate assessment of the candidate. Too many employers are unwilling to provide a true reflection in writing.