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Tips for Jobs Applications

Monday, January 19, 2015 10:24:47 AM

 Potential Warning Signs!

— * Sales; ensure that you’re not required to build your own client base without training (often seen in financial services / recruitment industry).

—  * OTEs; focus on the base salary and your training, which can differ greatly from the OTE estimations.

—  * Unpaid internships; some industries (often in the creative sector) will ask you to complete an unpaid internship as a trial.

—  * Exciting Job Descriptions; in an interview, ensure the specific tasks that you will be undertaking on a day-to-day basis.


Methods of obtaining a job:

—  * Directly – industry average open rate 13-17%

                          – response rate 3%

—  * Online Applications – you can force your way to their attention with high scores

— *  Recruitment Agency – beware hidden fees (CVs / Interview Training etc)

—  * Internships / Work Experience Placements – show that your skills outweigh the costs of your salary!


Industry – specific methods to set your application apart:

Why not enclose an example of your skills, tailored to the company and their clients, to make your application more relevant, interesting and reflective of your enthusiasm!

—i Marketing Communications; Marketing proposal, press release, social media strategy, etc.

— iIT; Website links, draft front line action script, coding procedure, etc.

—  iFinancial Services; Paraplanner report, Investment Management Report, etc.

—  iProperty; Property Management report, Investment / Development proposal, Lettings Availability report, etc.