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The Sandwich Year

Monday, January 19, 2015 10:44:27 AM

 Benefits of a Sandwich Year
  • —  Increase your competitiveness; building your CV with qualified work experience, without losing new graduate status.
  • —  Gain exposure to different roles to help decipher your chosen career path.
  •   Chance to shine; prove to the employer that they ‘can’t live without you’.
  •   Demonstrates independence and drive to future employers.

What to expect?

  • —Minimum of National Minimum Wage.
  • A detailed Job Description; to ensure that it meets your requirements and demonstrable tasks to show Tutor and future employers.
  • Supportive working environment; a safe and clean working space where you are able to work to your greatest abilities and have access to management to provide training and guidance as required.
  • Monthly Feedback Meetings (supports the obtainment of your module, allows you to progress in the role(s), provide an opportunity for feedback, gain validated experience and benefit the company through improvement in the role).
  • A reference and future referee.

CV Advice:

  • —  Up to each individual to promote themselves.
  • —  Your C.V. is your key tool, often your single opportunity to present yourself before an interview:
  •    2 key areas: Education & Work History

                                 not the personal statement.

  • —  Skills-based CV; allows you to quickly promote and reinforce your attributes.
  • —  Biggest mistakes; block text, lack of self-acknowledgement and irrelevant personal interests section.

Preparing for the Interview

  • —  Be prompt and presentable; check the location and take contact details.
  • —  Research the company; their activities, development, corporate ethos and competitors. Go beyond their web page!
  • —  Question yourself on your characteristics and attributes; what makes you special and how can you convey this to the prospective employers.
  • —  What do you want from this placement year? Write a list of key objectives and ensure that these will be met during the year.
  • —  Finally, be positive; carry out your research and head to it in a confident mood.


Benefiting from the Placement

  • —  Write down clearly defined objectives; the attributes that you hope to develop and experience.
  • —  Approach each task with a positive “can do” attitude;  be memorable, professional, attentive and willing; all attractive attributes to employers.
  • —  Ask suitable questions; to ensure your work is both productive to the firm & useful to your own development.
  • —  Attend any meetings or conferences; this will help you to learn various aspects of the business and develop future contacts.